Top 5 Tools each iPhone App Development Beginner Must Know

iPhone application development is very much in demand and it has allured many developers to start their career in this industry. Moreover, there are many companies which have started a revenue generation branch by opening a new serving area as iPhone app developers. If you are an aspiring developer or iOS app development agency which wants to get into this business, this Blog will share top 5 tools you must use and keep into account.


iPhone SDK


This is the first thing to begin with and must have in your iPhone app development tool kit. You can download the SDK (Software Developer Kit) from the Apple’s developer site. This is a free tool kit offered by Apple and it has everything you need, including, simulator, performance analyzer, interface builder, reference libraries, and more.


Interface Builder


This is an amazing tool. You can prototype a full user interface without writing any code. This tool is fully integrated within Xcode IDE. It graphically connected your interface to the code, which is residing in the Xcode editor.


Assistant Editor


This is one of the interesting and must have tool for iPhone app development. This is used to split the Xcode editor into two parts. The left pane will have the documentation of your primary work; right pane will have an assistant editor pane. Based on your current work, it will show you the related files from the library.




This tool contributes in rapid prototyping and testing of your app for quick development. It works on Mac and stimulates different Apple devices, including, iPad, iPhone, Apple watch, Apple TV, to gauge the behavior of the Mac app on different Apple devices.




LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine) is the preferred compiler of Apple. IT contains a whole suite of assembler, disassembler, bitcode analyzer and bitcode optimizer. You can also use Swift compiler which is a front based compiler. Also, it supports IDE integration with code completion and syntax coloring. This makes code compilation easier.


These are the top 5 tools any iPhone app development beginner must have in his development tool kit.


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