Android App Development: Business Channels

The mobile era has started and people are competing with each other to take complete benefit of this lucrative business platform by launching different applications. There are different mobile app development platforms such as, Android, iOS, Windows, etc. The most successful 2 are android and iOS without any doubt. In both of these, we can say that the android has a good market share as it can reach a wide variety of users because there are only a particular segment or class of people who uses the iOS. Moreover, Google keeps on evolving new things in the market. For example, the android for TV has opened a whole new direction of opportunities. There are so many companies working on different android app development for Television. These applications can be used to convert your simple television into a smart TV. The smart TV can offer abundant features to take your entertainment experience to the next level. You can pause the live TV streaming, you can rewind it, you can record the shows, play multiplayer games and what not! So in case, you think the android phone app development is not something exciting, the android app development for TV is definitely the most exciting one!

Google had also launched the Google glasses which was a smart wearable device. Since then, a new window of opportunity opened in terms of wearable devices. You can reach a wide and a specific segment of audience by developing an Android application for wearable devices such as smart glasses, smart watch, etc.


If you don’t want to take much risk and want to follow the traditional path, then the best area to touch is android application development for android phone and tablets. There is a very huge audience segment, which uses the android tablet and phones.


In a nutshell, there is a plethora of opportunities lying in the android app development business. You must select the one which excites you the most, and start generating revenue and touching hearts. If you want to get development support to start your business, Vovance can be your development partner. To know more about their offered Android app development services, please visit




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